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Our Story

English Russian Vishenka nursery is an independent nursery located in North Kensington. We welcome all children ages 2-4 years old whether from a Russian-speaking family or from a family that wishes to teach their children Russian. Our nursery has been operating since 2016 and is part of a well-established Stewart International School with 40 years of experience in the field of bilingual


Vishenka is an Ofsted registered nursery. We were rated “Good” by Ofsted inspection that took place in July 2019.  We offer high quality, child-centered Russian-speaking day care and preschool program combining both Russian and English approaches to early years education. UK Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory framework and methods of Russian early childhood education innovators such as Kolesnikova, Vlasova, Dronov, Chubarova, Kharlamova, Zhukova etc help deliver quality early years education in Russian and childcare experiences to our bilingual children.

What makes us special


  • We are very professional, experienced and well qualified

  • We offer a calm, warm, caring, home environment

  • We provide our children with organic food

  • We demonstrate, organize entertaining performances (poems, songs, dances and puppet show)

  • We base our learning process according to the children’s age and abilities


  • You will benefit from the flexibility we offer

  • You know we care about your child

  • You know your child will have fun learning each day

  • You know your child will make friends and socialize

  • You know we tell you information about each day

  • You will receive info online newsletter about your child’s learning achievements once a week providing a big variety of photos

Your child

  • Your child is in a safe, happy, stimulating environment
    • Your child will learn to have fun with friends of all ages
    • Your child will play, discover, explore, learn and create
    • Your child will have access to a wide variety of resources
    • Your child will learn social skills, accept structure and share
    • Your child will become confident, independent and resilient

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